We are thrilled to announce the biggest update to the Groupify ecosystem ever. Packed with improvements, new features and a new modern and clean design. Aiming to make it even easier and more fun to shop online with friends and family. Made for brands and retailers who are looking to grow and keep their customer base close.

Current Groupify partners will be migrated in early December 2018. New retailers and brand partners will be onboarded to the New Groupify as of now.

A new design and UX

We're saving the big words here. Just see it in action and you will love it. Promised.

  • new messenger bot for onboarding new customers πŸ€–
  • new group feed user interface for sharing products πŸ’¬
  • new group reward status overview 🀩
  • new group members overview and redesigend purchase history πŸ›
  • new language support: english πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
  • shares products now come with pictures πŸ“Έ

Improved contextual user guidance

It ain't always easy to understand how things work when you do it for the first time. Yet, we don't want users to read a foot thick user manual before they even got started. Finding the right balance is the key.

Therefore we are introducing contextual user guidance. The right message at the right time. Groupify now monitors the status of each user and group. Messages will be pushed based on the current situation to help them move forward.

Long term shopping groups

We zoomed out and put Groupify into context. The idea of opening a shopping group starts long before the first item hits a shopping basket (What it takes to win the social shopping game). This is what we changed:

  • removed the 3-day countdown, that put some heavy time pressure on undecided shoppers even before their first friend joined a group
  • allow multiple purchases per user to be counted towards a group reward goal
  • introducing "rolling" rewards: everytime a group fulfills the reward conditions it will receive the reward. After a 24h cool-down the status resets. The group may then receive a new reward, once the conditions are met again. In Germany we say: "Nach dem Einkauf ist vor dem Einkauf."

This new group concept allows to start and populate shopping groups more detached from an actual order intention. The new story goes like this: Open a lasting group with your friends and connect at our shop. Socialize and unlock rewards together by adding up all your purchases over time. Again and again.

Groupify thereby becomes much more appealing for high frequency purchases (like fashion, beauty, food) as well as for low frequency, high involvement products (like furniture, electronics), as users now have more choice whether to shop together in real time or with an an asynchronic long term approach.

More control for retailers and brands

With this release we also added a bunch of features for merchants who wish to fine tune their social shopping strategy:

  • exclude specific products, brands or product categories from voucher codes
  • set group reward conditions based on either combined order value, number of participants or a mix of both
  • multi-URL management (allows inclusion or exclusion of sub shops)

Feel free to send us your thoughts: support@groupify.de