We strongly recommend to actively market and promote social shopping to your customers, visitors and target audiences. The earlier a customer learns about the possibility of social shopping in his journey, the likelier he will visits your shop with the intention of starting a group and refer friends. Conversion rates of well informed customers are significantly higher than the ones you inform last minute.

With this guide we aim to give you suggestions and assistance with marketing, communicating and explaining social shopping to your customers. We encourage you to make use of the copy templates we provide and to find inspiration for your own ideas. Use them in newsletters, posts, ads, flyers, onpage banners, landing pages etc. etc.

In this guide we always refer to the word "shopping".  This can be replaced gladly, if it fits the context of your shop better. Alternatives to "shopping" can be "order", "buy", "book", "purchase" etc.

We also always refer to "shopping groups" but also highly reccomend to translate this to your context, brand and tone of voice. Examples: Fishing groups, fashion groups, gourmet groups, sports groups, gym buddies, etc.

Groupify Guide (DE)

This guide will be continuously expanded and improved. We are looking forward to your suggestions and ideas: support@groupify.de